Life Jacket Loaner Program for Kids

The Life Jacket Loaner Program is designed to help boaters comply with state law requiring children under 6 years old to wear either a Type I or Type II life jacket while on an open deck. It’s ideal for boaters who have guests on their boat and wish to avoid purchasing extra children’s jackets. The goals of the program are to establish early fundamentals of boating safety and educate families on the importance of children wearing the correct size life jacket. Having more children in life jackets will have an impact on the number of drownings.


 Here is how the program works: A boating family can go to a participating marina and borrow a life jacket, free of charge, for short-term use. They will need to give basic information: name, address, phone, boat name, driver’s license number, and number of life jackets to be borrowed. Three different size jackets are available: infant (under 30lbs.), small child (30-50lbs.), and youth (50-90lbs.). Each jacket has a Boat U.S. Foundation Logo on it and a tag with return information.

Where can I go to borrow a life jacket?


Duffy’s Landing at Belle Maer

41700 Conger Bay Drive

Harrison Twp, MI 48045

Mr. Sal Baffo 586-468-1630


Ken’s Marine at Michigan Harbor

24600 Jefferson

St Clair Shores MI 48080

Mr. Ken Miller 586-775-9274