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All Education Classes remain on hold due to the CoronaVirus Outbreak and State Restrictions.


We will schedule Fall and Winter 2021 classes when appropriate.



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America’s Boating Club Grosse Pointe is non-profit boating organization dedicated to encouraging safe boating through education and community services. Our squadron provides a variety of boating related classes and seminars throughout the year dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable for everyone.


Our squadron assists the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary by performing vessel safety checks for the boating community. We also provide other community services such as a life jacket loaner program for children at local marinas, updating nautical charts for NOAA through the Cooperative Charting Program, Port Captain Program, participating in the America’s Waterway Watch Program and promoting Safe Boating Week.


Our Squadron has a full range of activities year-round both on and off the water for our members to get together. Our summer on the water activities include rendezvous, cruises, and the Predicted Log contest. Winter and off-season activities include classes, meetings, dinners, and different events to get together and keep things fun.


Our Squadron represents the Grosse Pointe, MI communities as part of our National Organization, America’s Boating Club (United States Power Squadrons) founded in 1914, which provides nationwide boating educational and boating services through our squadron and other squadrons throughout the country. If you have an interest in boating and making is safer for yourself and others, please consider joining our Squadron.